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Hi Paul, could you please enter onto the Diary date the following.
Bridlington festival of motoring, Sewerby Hall, Bridlington Sunday 19th September
Many Thanks
Hello, just been under the car fettling, think it will be alot more of same to come. Anyone used por-15? Thoughts please cheers.
Hello, Very pleased to say that I now have another Z3, all be it a bit tatty and hope to get out on the road and meet up with you in 21. Cheers Tom
Just got back from Andy Spurs fan with a box of goodies to start repair work on Ruby.
Hello, I am interested in a set of straps if they are available.
Hi , I am picking up a new batch on Monday afternoon and will get the kit put together on Tuesday ready for sending out.
I will add you to the list and let you know. Unless really urgent I will hold off sending any out until the new year in case there are any holdups.
Thanks for your interest
Hi Mazza. Could i reserve a set of tank straps when you have some ready.
Thanks alot Wayne
Yes no problem. I will add you to the list.
Many thanks for your interest

Hi , I like the large black decal on the sills, how much for a pair.

thanks Peter
Hi Peter, I do these for £20 a pair inc. P&P Thank you for asking. They are easy to put on and I can give you advice if needed. They certainly change the look of the Z4 from the side.

How good are the Bentley manuals and, specifically, the Z3 one? I am trying to justify buying one and noticed you were selling same.
Hi Mike,
It was too nice to use in a garage so I never used it. I do need to update my post as the manual has been sold, sorry.
The Haynes manual for the E36 has a Z3 section if that helps.
Paul Rice
Paul Rice
I had a bentley manual on disc and hard copy. found You tube and internet a lot more useful
Well out for a drive yesterday and my dash lights started to flicker, found the light switch smoking and getting hot.
Just read the post on here about this issue and found it very useful and a warning as it could have ended with my Z catching fire.
Need to order a new switch.
Cheers Nigel
Hi all
I would like to introduce myself, as a new Z3 owner 1.9 from Worcestershire.
Me and my baby have a love hate relationship, but with your help I should get it right!.
Electric seats
Tony, That is just what she needed, a gentle top with my hammer and away she went. Works fine now. No parts to buy.
Thanks a powerful Lot.
Hi, I'm very happy that you have got the seat working without $$$. I first heard about that years ago on a different brand of car put sometimes things work !

Thanks Gaz. You welcomed me to the forum back in mid-Feb, & we all know what happened very soon afterwards.
I just enquired on the forum re potential events in 2021, C-19 permitting, & received a couple of useful replies already.
Looking Forward to some `Retro Normal` in due course! Best Regards: Paul :cool:
I'm called Lemieux and I just bought a 1999 Z3 M Roadster 3.0 and I'm so estatic that I'm going nuts.
I own a 2011 jeeo compass and a 2010 Toyota Yaris, both are full equiped. They are satisfying but nothing like this.
Just, just out of this world.
Hi do you have the rubber seal passenger side thats on the roof that meet the wndscreen pillar mines worn through got dripping when raining cheers
Hello Southernboy,
just saw your post, that the seat lifts are available again.
Would you still have one and be able to post to New Zealand?